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The WELL: a deep discussion

Read this fascinating, fast-flowing conversation about Trust between Kate and some very insightful readers in the author interview forum on The WELL.

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Lost in the Crowd

“Kate Veitch's narrative verve and understated human insight make this novel, her second, highly engaging. (The characters) are absorbingly drawn; the evolving dynamic ... is deftly handled. Veitch is a generous storyteller, whose essential warmth vitalises her characters and embraces the reader.”

Australian Literary Review, August 4, 2010

By Stella Clarke

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“Verdict: immensely enjoyable

I was hooked by this Melbourne story of a flawed middle-class family.... Kate Veitch's confident exploration of a mature woman losing her innocence and gaining control of her life is revelatory.”

Melbourne Herald-Sun, June 19, 2010

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Interview on Seattle's King5 TV's New Day show

July 19, 2010

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“In pursuit of family truths

The plot crept up on me. I stayed up late one night to read most of it and couldn't stop until I'd finished the whole thing... There are plenty of books out there that try to explore universal themes, or truths, but it's rare to have this kind of success... Great to see another book from a talented Australian author, and I can't wait to read her next one.”

Canberra Times, June 12, 2010

By Louise Crossman

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“Fast paced drama has a wicked edge

Trust is a novel on a panoramic scale, in some ways reminiscent of 19th-century traditions, full of characters and incidents, drama and tragedy. It is fast-paced for a narrative containing so much detail. Each main character is as satisfyingly well rounded as the ‘curvy females’ of the Greenfield clan.”

Sydney Morning Herald, May 1, 2010

By Dorothy Johnston

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Who can you trust?

Life Matters, ABC Radio National, May 21, 2010

Radio Interview with Richard Aedy

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“Recognisable complexities of a life made real ...

... by characters full of human depth and interest. A distinctive reality that lasts and grows in the mind after the book is finished – a perspective from which the reader can admire the elegant architecture and artistic integrity of this novel.”

Adelaide Advertiser, May 22, 2010

By Katherine England

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“A warm, home-cooked read

A journey of self-discovery and reinvention is at the heart of this novel ... What's really refreshing about Trust is that it's an interior journey, and far more satisfying than Susanna trying on a new wardrobe or a sexy new persona.”

Saturday Age, May 22, 2010

By Jo Case

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“Trust is at the root ...

Shifting between the perspectives of this extended family's members, she once again demonstrates her gift for vividly and sympathetically creating a rich domestic milieu.”

The Sunday Age M magazine, May 16, 2010

By Patricia Maunder

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“Delving into family secrets

Families are the most fascinating things to me,” Kate says. “Families are what draw you in and drive you away. They are what form you and also what you form. And they're also absolutely universal, at the core of every person's experience.”

Sunday Tasmanian, May 9, 2010

By Carlene Ellwood

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“A compelling story

Trust is a bold gaze into the soul of relationships. Kate Veitch successfully combines a well thought-out plot with insightful storytelling and realistic dialogue.”

The Courier-Mail, May 8, 2010

By Jane Fynes-Clinton

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“Quiet liberation

Veitch has a flair for creating younger characters with strong, convincing voices. Seb, Stella-Jean, Finn and their friends are a delight. Veitch handles their relationships with sensitivity, humour and tenderness.”

Australian Book Review, May 2010

By Amy Baillieu

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“Terrific dialogue, the overarching theme of a woman trying to reclaim her life, and the suspense of a small child in danger make this a raw and entertaining read.”

– Australian Womens Weekly, May 2010


“Engrossing fiction about the bonds of trust that take a lifetime to build but can be dissolved in an instant.”

– Who Weekly Magazine Australia


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