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What if your perfect life was based on lies?


I’m a lucky woman, thinks Susanna Greenfield. And why wouldn’t she? Her handsome, successful husband is a loving father to their two teenage children. Her mother, Jean, is her dearest friend. Her scatty but adored younger sister, Angie, seems to have finally found some stability in her life. Susanna has a solid career as an art teacher and if, as she’s recently discovered, there’s a hole inside her where her creative spirit used to be – is that really such a big price to pay?


But beneath the carefully maintained surface, seismic forces are at work. Fault lines are forming, not only within Susanna, but in each beloved member of her family. In a single, tragically Ill-judged moment, the fabric it has taken a lifetime to construct can be torn apart.


Trust: a novel about two very different sisters, and their families. About secrets and how they unfold; about loyalty, and betrayal, and finding the strength to grasp the truth about your self.


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