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"Days after finishing this book, the McDonald family's story will linger in your mind. Don't miss this impressive Australian import."

Chicago Sun-Times, August 17, 2008

by Allecia Vermillion

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"Veitch's ear for dialogue, and her ability to illuminate inner thought processes, both seem like the attributes of a seasoned novelist — but this is her first book..."

The Seattle Times, August 8, 2008

by Melinda Bargreen

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"Characters gradually unfold through their words and actions, ushered along by crisp storytelling. The narration flits through their varied perspectives, so each actor has a stake in shaping the story, which becomes a collage of their viewpoints."

The Oregonian, August 1, 2008

by Jessica Bruder

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"A vivid dissection of a fractured family. Veitch has created an enthralling tale of the private sphere that is all the more effective for its consciously minimalist style."

Australian Book Review, November 2006

Reverting to type by Marina Cornish

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"A page-turning, up-beat family story written with clarity and grace."

Adelaide Advertiser, September 9, 2006

Rosemarie's babies by Katherine England

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Life Matters

ABC National Radio, August 28, 2006

Radio Interview with Richard Aedy

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"A self-assured, moving, hopeful story about the frailties of one – all – families, and the capacity to rage and to forgive."

The Age, August 26, 2006

Mother and child reunion by Frances Atkinson

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“Kate Veitch's first novel is exceptionally good. She writes smoothly, cleanly and with care and feeling for her characters. I winced when things went wrong for them, cheered when life was bountiful, and worried how they were going to cope with their problems. Veitch writes as if she listens carefully and observes closely”

– Sue Gough, Courier Mail


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