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Kate Veitch says:

‘A few years ago, as a curious first-time author, I asked the marketing manager at Penguin Australia, “What sells books? Really?” She answered firmly “Word of mouth.” These days, increasingly, that’s you: the bloggers out there, connecting good books and the people who love them. You’re word of mouth, and you’re the reviewers that mainstream media have less room for every week. What you are doing for today's readers and writers is nothing short of awesome.’

So, book bloggers: if you would like a review copy of Trust, or to interview Kate Veitch online, please contact her publicists:

In the US: Mary Pomponio

In Australia: Dianne Biviano


To Book Club and Book Group members

‘I loved all the email comments I got from book clubs and groups with my first novel, and especially joining them by phone and, a couple of times, in person. I hope Trust will be a hit with your group too.’

Trust: Australia: Penguin Reader's Guide
Listen/Without a Backward Glance: Reader's Guide
If your book group would like to ask Kate questions, or ask her to join you by phone (schedules and time zones permitting) for a discussion about Trust, email her direct.

'Tonight, the members of the book group had gathered in the comfortable Eltham home of …'

Read an extract from Trust which features a heated discussion among the book club to which Susanna and her mother belong.


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